Seeing my girlfriend wake up in confusion I gave her my shirt and a coffee, as she sipped she rubbed the furrow in her pretty brow with her finger tips. ‘Are you ok?’ I asked confused myself.

“Well I’m not sure how I got here.” she spoke softly.

‘Last night you had to much to drink and now you’re awake and in my bed as usual.’ She looked at me wearily like I have seen to many times. ‘I have to go to work but go ahead and stay until you feel better.’ Now her look turned dangerously ominous.

“What? You are just going to leave me here alone when I obviously in need of some help in understanding just why I am here!”

I was getting sick of her song and dance of feigned ignorance. This was the last time I was going to listen to this nonsense. I finished brushing my teeth and gave myself a smile and wink in the mirror. If this was ending it was going to be an ending I wanted. Crossing the room to the bed I kissed her and then slowly, playfully straddled her. She looked more forthcoming now. I pulled my neck tie from the head post and wordlessly wrapped her wrist gently and then with a quick pull I tied them so tight that she winced, but she still looked hopeful. I tied her legs apart to the bottom posts and climbed on her again. ‘Is this what you need?’ I asked. She nodded yes. ‘Say it’ I demanded “Yes I need this” she whimpered.

I put my hands around her throat tighter and tighter. Her tongue was hanging out now and she couldn’t make a sound. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and bit it off. The horror on her face as she died was wordless and priceless.

Now my house was just mine again. I began cleaning up and clearing her stuff from my house. I wrapped her body in the cover and took her body out side hanging it from a tree. I gave a clear soft whistle and the thing from under the ground rushed up watched her body swing for a moment, grabbed her lifeless body down and as it descended into the ground it grabbed out and pulled the blanket down with it as a trophy. I ate the tongue drank her coffee with a slurp and went to my job as an accountant.


Finding Hulk

Once I recognized Hulk I wasted no time in getting to him so I broke right through a brick wall in true comic strength. I have to say the big Crash that went with my entrance I barely noticed. Normally that gave me a big kick. Rushing over to Hulk I jumped and he caught me up in his huge arms.

Now this was a Thrrrillinggg Touch that did Rok My Boots! I knew I could make this happen! I suppose the artist want you to believe they did all this but it was me because I am Wonder Woman! And he is The Incredible Hulk!